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A cute hybrid between tako (octopus) and neko (cat), Taneko is an "octopuss," capturing an octopus' talent for camouflage and mimicry and a cat's fuzzy cuteness.

In Japanese folklore, the tanuki is a creature reputed to be a mischievous and happy master of disguise and shape-shifting. Taneko is the aquatic equivalent of this—and is here to say hello!

about Sophia Adalaine // creator of Taneko animation gif


Hey there, I'm Sophia, the mad scientist behind the cute little squish. What started as simple wordplay nerdery (mildly inspired by my neko named Tako) has become a full-fledged project that keeps growing everyday!

I guess this was inevitable—I'm a multimedia designer who loves to create and has a soft spot for soft adorable plushies and business branding. Thus, Taneko has become my opportunity to be my own client and design a business for myself. (Plus, I can't help but make these fun little squishies ☺)

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Taneko is about 6 ½" across (diameter of her legs), 4 ¼" tall, and completely handmade. I hand-embroider her face so that the slight variation gives each plush a unique smiling face.

She is made from soft polyester fleece, sewing + embroidery thread, and squishy polyester fiber fill. Specialty character Tanekos may also include faux fur or felt, depending on who Taneko is mimicking.

Oh yeah, in addition to fluffy filling, each Taneko is also stuffed full with joy and love ♥

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Where (+When)!

Although you're currently at Taneko's main (digital) home, you can also find her IRL! These occasions are whenever I attend local, Midwest craft/art fairs with a mountain of Tanekos ☺

The easiest way to find out when you can come say hello is to join my mailing list! You'll not only get updates about when+where Taneko's next events are, but the quickest updates about new plushies, art, and special offers and coupons exclusive to newsletter members!

I also use Facebook to post updates about where Taneko events are, and share WIP Taneko things with Instagram.

If you can't make it in-person, you can always visit Taneko's shop link to have a squish join your home!

Lastly, if you like my work outside of Taneko (or are simply curious) you can view my portfolio, visit my Etsy shop and Redbubble shop, or send me an email at sophiaadalaine@gmail.com if you have any questions!