What is Taneko?

A cute hybrid between tako (octopus) and neko (cat), Taneko is an “octopuss,” capturing an octopus’ talent for camouflage and mimicry, and a cat’s fuzzy cuteness. Because of this, she likes changing her colors, and trying different patterns. She also likes to mimic pop culture characters.

Taneko is a warm-hearted and soft critter, who enjoys befriending others, and she would love to be your friend too! ☺

Who’s behind all this?

about Sophia Adalaine // creator of Taneko

Hello~ I’m Sophia, the creator of Taneko and her fellow soft friends. What started as simple wordplay nerdery—inspired by my own neko named Tako—has become a full-fledged project that keeps growing everyday!

I guess this was inevitable: I’m a designer who loves both visual and tactile creativity, and I have a soft spot for plushies, puns, and graphic design. Because of this, my plush characters have become an opportunity to create a business for myself doing all the things I love.

about Jordan Buzzy // photographer for Taneko

This is Jordan; you may have seen him with me at Taneko’s craft/art fairs. Not only does he help me at these events, but he is also in charge of my product photography! Sometimes, we have Taneko collaborations together too—which is mostly just me hiding plushies around our garden, and him finding and taking nice photos of them :'D

You can check out his photography work here! He provides tailored images to businesses, big and small, throughout Michigan and the Midwest.

How are all these plush puns made?

I can honestly and happily say that all my plush creations are completely handmade with care and love ♥

Each character’s sewing template and details are personally designed and implemented, and their faces are all hand-embroidered or hand-sewn. Because of this, each plush friend is unique and has its own personal touch—no two are entirely identical.

Most of my characters are made from soft polyester fleece, sewing & embroidery thread, and squishy fiber fill made from recycled polyester. Specialty characters, such as Cosplay Tanekos, may also include faux fur or felt.

Where—and when—can I find these plush friends?

In Person

There are occasions when I attend local, Midwest craft & art fairs with a mountain of plushies! The easiest way to find out when and where these events are is to join my mailing list


Small, select collections of my plush friends and art can also be found at these brick & mortar shops:

  • Booksweet in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Matty J’s Bakery & Café in Saline, MI
  • Unicorn Feed & Supply in Ypsilanti, MI
  • P B and Jay’s Café in Fletcher, NC

If you have a shop and are interested in purchasing my plush friends and art wholesale, please send me an email!


Although you’re already at Taneko’s official online home, you can also find her elsewhere on Ye Olde Web:

about Taneko updates // cute animation gif

Taneko’s Shop
If you’d like to adopt a Taneko or any of her friends, but can’t make it in-person to an event, you can visit Taneko’s online shop anytime!

Social Media
If you’d like to see cute and colorful moments in my journey of plush pun-ing, I invite you to follow Taneko’s Instagram! My posts range from Taneko’s travels to-and-from (and at) events, to cute illustrations and experiments in animation. It is all very colorful~ 🌈

Moar Art!

Lastly, if you like my art/work outside of Taneko (or are simply curious) you can visit my:

  • Redbubble shop for merchandise that features both Taneko-related and other art
  • Etsy shop for fine art prints
  • Portfolio for fine art, photography, and design work
  • Facebook for my official Artist FB Page

Thanks for stopping by!

If you have any questions or need to get in touch, send me an email

Taneko Says Hello // Taneko animation waving hello